Experience the Transformation: India’s Premier Water & Waste Water Technologies Event

Valuable Partnership

IWS provides unparalleled visibility and exposure to a vast network of potential customers, allowing businesses to connect with key decision-makers and establish valuable partnerships.

Sustainable Water Management

IWS presents an ideal setting for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions in water conservation, treatment, purification and sustainable water management practices

Exclusive Market Insights

IWS allows exhibitors access to exclusive market insights through interaction with industry experts during panel discussions or educational workshops conducted by renowned professionals from across the globe.

Networking Opportunities

Exhibiting at IWS 2024 also facilitates valuable networking opportunities with like-minded individuals who share a common passion for addressing current challenges faced by the Indian water sector.

Industry Update

Taking part in IWS 2024 enables businesses to stay updated on emerging trends within the industry while gaining insights into governmental policies and regulations.

Brand Recognition

Exhibiting at IWS 2024 enhances brand recognition among both national and international audiences who recognize it as one of Asia's leading events dedicated solely to water management technologies

Major Supporters

India Water Show a premier hub for industry professionals, businesses, and government bodies to come together and explore opportunities in the Indian water sector.

IWS 2024 offers

India Water Show offers unparalleled networking prospects; it attracts key stakeholders from across the globe, fostering crucial connections and facilitating collaborations that can open new avenues of growth.

Participating IWS 2024 allows businesses to showcase their innovative products and services amidst fierce competition in a bustling marketplace – thereby increasing their chances of attracting quality leads while also staying ahead of market dynamics.

IWS 2024 provides invaluable insights into policy changes or regulatory frameworks governing the Indian water sector – pertinent information necessary for strategic decision-making processes within organizations aiming to penetrate this market successfully.